Famille, ami et soutien

Hi everyone. 

I would like to help cancer patients by spreading the social culture of cycling.

The money I raise will help fund life-saving research and to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. 

I am Yusef from Tabriz located in Iran, I am very interested in helping, learning cancer prevention and treatment and fighting it. 

I am already familiar with the problems of this disease and the long-term and exhausting struggle of my kind father who fought with colon cancer for 10 years. 

While a coloplast bag was installed in his stomach and he underwent many times of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, unfortunately, as a result of his own struggles and the many efforts of the doctors, he was left with nothing but a weak and weak body, and his soul slowly flew to the sky and left us alone. 

I wish perfect health for all patients and also success for all activists in this field of treatment. 

My link in Komoot cycling App: https://www.komoot.com/user/2899525846099?ref=amk 



Yusef Abedi


Professionnel de la santé et soignant
Dr Shivani
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Famille, ami et soutien
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